The L.M Callis house was built in 1908 by a well-known local contractor, Eddie Callis. The house served as Eddie’s family home most his life and even housed some boarders such as Mathews teachers and other hard-working individuals. In addition to his contracting company, Eddie and his family owned and operated a local general store that sold everything from feed, shoes, and food. This store front is now the Bay School Community Arts Center.

The Callis family home, 1910

The Callis family home, 1910

Years after the Bay School was established, the land behind the old store was listed for sale with the Callis family home. Wanting to expand but not having a use for the old rundown home, the school sought to tear it down. Preservation Mathews, Inc., an organization dedicated to saving historic homes in Mathews County, heard of the situation and began to act. The Bay School required the home to be moved off the property if Preservation Mathews indeed wanted to save it.

After Preservation Mathews was able to obtain a loan, the move became possible. With the help of Ian Morse, current owner of The Callis House Inn, the historic home was lifted and relocated to its present location at 345 Main Street in late 2016. Since then, the house has been transformed to serve as a hotel for those fortunate to discover, or perhaps rediscover, Mathews County.


The L.M. Callis home was built by Eddie Callis as a family residence in Mathews County


The Callis House was moved to its current location at 345 Main Street


The Callis House Inn opened its doors for guests to stay


Mathews County is located on the eastern tip of Virginia's Middle Peninsula- Surrounded almost completely by water, this quaint town is bordered by Middlesex County to the north, separated by the Piankatank River and Gloucester County to the west. The southern side borders the Mobjack Bay.The county is 80 miles from the state capital of Richmond and 155 miles from the nation's capital, Washington, D.C. Callis House Inn is located at 345 Main Street.



Mathews, VA




What our guests say:

Such a beautiful new place. Historically accurate on the outside and warm and inviting on the inside. If you are looking for a creaky old building to stay in, this isn’t it, but if you are looking for ultimate comfort to sleep and a pretty front porch to rock on, this is the place!


It has been renovated with modern convenience in mind and retention of its external historic past. Heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears have been poured into this project by owner. I know firsthand! We hope it is enjoyed by many to come.


We so enjoyed our stay at your lovely inn and were honored to be your first guests! The inn, with its long history and wonderful support of the community, will surely welcome many visitors in the future, who will fall in love with Mathews, as we have.


Our first stay at Callis House, but definitely won't be our last. The accomodations were impeccable! Thanks so much for a beautiful weekend and making our first oyster festival so enjoyable!